// Lazy Lunch and Time Rescued

No offense to Martha, but…

  • I handed my kid a spoon and a plate of halved kiwis.

Of course I fed him more than just that, but the point is I didn’t make a miniature anything, wrap it in a little package, or configure it into a smiley-face. Maybe as artists, one might think we should paint or build pictures with his food for him; however, I’d like to believe that I’m teaching him to see the natural beauty of things from his and God’s perspective. (Also, I don’t have time to make mini versions of anything that would equal enough to feed a growing boy and his big, mountain-of-a-man father! ^_^)

So call it lazy on my part, Martha, that I didn’t put it on a cute plate, cut it out in cool shapes, or pair it with a side of some special sauce (made of ingredients we do NOT normally have in our pantry or fridge.) That’s okay if it seems lazy because I’m busy. Besides, the kid and I are about to use that time I salvaged doing something really awesome!

  • Read Bible stories // Talk about God and our faith // Pray with him
  • Talk to each other // Laugh // Tell silly jokes // Call or text people we love
  • Teach him to play tennis with his new Sponge Bob racket
  • Go to the comic book store // Watch people play games // Eat Pocky // Teach geekery
  • Read together // Kid’s- choice and Mommy’s choice
  • Go swimming // Pretend we’re a special task force of underwater ninja-spies
  • Bake cookies from scratch together
  • Go to the farmers’ market // Taste watermelons and homemade jalapeño pickles // Buy “too many” collard greens
  • Show him old photographs of ourselves and family members (and laugh at how funny everyone looks of course)
  • Put a puzzle together // Play a board game
  • Play “school” (a.k.a. practice/ go over current school lessons)
  • Go to the library // Teach him to find his own books
  • Take him to work with me // Teach him how our family business runs
  • Use our imaginations // Have Fun

No offense Martha, but …

Those are better uses of my time.

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